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String quartet music from classical highlights till contemporary pop music for concert programs and lounge music performances. Cheerful, passionate and elegant chamber music group. We believe in that our commitment in music brings joy and delighted moments for us and for our audience as well.

2019 alaquartet
2019 wedding


Anna Tálas- violin

I strated to learn music in my birth-town Tiszafüred, Hungary at the age of 7. Through all of my education I felt special interest to play chamber music. I graduated from Széchenyi University Győr as violin teacher and chamber music artist, and recieved artist diploma from Debrecen University at 2009. Right after that I was member of North Hungarian Symphonic Orchestra Miskolc for 2 seasons, aslo was stage musician in a modern theater-piece at Csokonai Theater Debrecen. Since 2011 I am working as a freelancer musician , I took part in orchestra tours around Europe, just to mention the most memorable ones; with MAO and Ennio Morricone " My Life in Music", russian ballet theater perormances in France and Great Britain, french tour with the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra and "Mozart+" tour with Bayerische Philharmonie. I had the chance to perform at sea on cruise ships playing with string quartets and piano quintet since 2011. These memorable travellings gave me so much chamber music experience and   I am glad to had the possibility to view  such parts of the World like the Caribbean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Canarian Islands. I am happy  to work together with my friends in   Á La Quartet. For me this group is a small island of freedom and creativity.  In my freetime I love to listen  jazz music, I am special inspired by my brother, Áron Tálas's groups.

Mirjam Géczy- violin

I started to play violin at the age of 7 in Budapest. During high-school, I became acquainted with the indescribable experience of community music. That was the first time when it was formulated in my mind that I want to be a professional musician. During the college years my instrument became as a device of self-expression. In 2007, I received my diploma as a violin teacher and chamber music artist in Debrecen. Then I participated in several different musical projects around the world. For me, self-expression and community experience is the two most important pillar of music and chamber music is the best formation to combine them. Besides I have been playing in symphonic orchestras for long, I have numerous opportunities to play as a soloist. However, from my point of view, participating in a chamber group is the most enjoyable way to perform.

In the past few years, I played in several different chamber groups, but the formation of Á la quartet is especially a great joy for me since the harmony and pleasantry of the members both on stage and in everyday life contribute to the professional work and define the mood of our productions. We profess that classical music could be joyful, and as classical musicians we are glad to play light music tracks as well.

Katalin Krenedits- viola

I began playing violin at the age of six in my hometown. Then in the secondary school of music  I switched and started to play viola. Here viola became my new love. After these years I went to the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest where I got a degree (viola artist and teacher)

I participated in viola and chamber music competitions and courses both in Hungary and in Europe.

The chamber music was always important in my life, it’s a really complex activity. We have to attend to the others and play together or accompany but sometimes we have to be soloist. So this work is content everything what we learnt and it could be really varied.

I played in many orchestras and travelled a lot in Europe, Asia, Mexico and USA and I work in symphonic orchestra now also. That is a really nice world but I need chamber music near that. This is a more intimate and more sensitive world. A lot of things can give by chamber music only.

So I’m really happy that Á La Quartet came in my life. I knew the members earlier and I was certain it could work and that happened :-).

This is a happy group in the life and on the stage in the same way.

Ágnes Demeter- cello

I started to play the cello when I was 8 years old. Since my early years I love to play in different music groups. Anna Tálas and I met in the music school, and playing together since 1999. I graduated as chamber music artist and cello teacher from University of Szeged in 2007. Not so long after I started to travel and played for 7 years around the world with other musicians, where I got influenced in playing light music, and make covers of famous evergreen songs. I performed in Qatar, Bahrein, Oman, Dubai, Japan, Indonesia and several countries in Europe in formations of duos, trios and quartets. With the A la Quartet we performed on cruise ships and participated various concerts in Budapest. Beside playing the cello, I love traveling and I am committed to yoga and meditation.

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Latest news and feedback:

5. May 2020 Event music, Budapest POSTPONED

4. April 2020 Event background music, Chateau Belá POSTPONED

6. February 2020 11:00 Classical favourits- youth concert, Vác

18. December 2019 19:00 Event background music, Chateau Belá

15. December 2019 19:00 Concert, Buddhist High School Budapest

17. October 2019 20:00 Event background music, Chateau Belá

4. October 2019 Wedding music, Extra Budapest

7. November 18:00 Nature Photographer of Budafok-Tétény 2019 -Exhibition opening ceremony,Klauzál Ház Budapest

21. September 2019 Wedding ceremony, church music Vászoly, Hungary

28. July 2019 11:00 Matinee concert Győr, Radó Island - cancelled due to bad weather condition outdoor

20. July 2019  17:00 Wedding music, Duna Garden Budapest

11 May 2019 15:00 Wedding music at Zsani & Soma's wedding, Balatonlelle

4. April 2019 19:00 Film& Brodaway Melodies concert, Benczúr Ház Budapest (www.benczurhaz.hu)

16. December 2018 15:00 Christmas Concert , Győr

8. November  2018 Classical Favourites- Youth Concert, Püspöki Palota Vác

22. September 2018 Wedding event music at Mariann & Ferenc's wedding, Loyolay Szent Ignác Church Esztergom

17. August 2018 Wedding event music, Újtündérkert Budapest

12. August 2018 20:00 Concert at the a 26. Baroque Wedding Festival,  Széchenyi tér Győr

3. June 2018 16:00 Budapest Újpalota Church Sanctification Ceremony

31. May 2018 Wedding ceremony- event music, Ábrahámhegy

12. March 2018 19:00 Temper and Romance Chamber-concert with Szilvia Szilágyi -mezzosoprano, Benczúr Zeneszalon Budapest

17. February 2018 6th Wedding Exhibition, Budakalász

15. February 2018 11:00 Travel Around the World- Youth concert, Madách Imre Művelődési Központ Vác

31. October 2017 18:00 Celebratng Bach,Zuglói Református Egyházközösség Church Budapest

16. September 2017 16:30 Wedding event music at Zsuzsi & Márk 's weding, Duna Garden Budapest

10. June 2017 19:00 Opera and Operette melodies with Szilvia Szilágyi mezzosoprano, Nádor Hall Budapest (tickets:port.hu)- pictures of the fabulous concert place and the event at the photos site!

 30. April 2017 We arrived home to Budapest safe after a joyful contract on Mein Schiff 4 where we spent 2 month renamed as  "Humboldt Streichquartet" under the vessel regulations. We visited beautiful places and gave many concerts on board,  now we are full of memories and nice experience.

 4. February  2017 We 've just finished studio work, recorded our promotion CD, including Divertimento by W. A Mozart, Phantom of the Opera by A. L Webber, and Take5, among others.  Thanks for Lajos Géczy our sound enginier and  SoundLine CD for the collaboration!